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Trusted Resources For You

As a coach,  I vet and offer many resources to my clients.  I will not refer or recommend without prior experience with the company, product, or service.  These are in no particular order, however I use them myself and you can check them out to see if they will serve your needs.

As your coach,  I request that YOU ask every question you can imagine to vet these resources for yourself.   Coaching is about you taking 100% responsibility for what you choose and create in the world.  If you need some help deciding, coaching is always available to help you make clear and value-based right decisions for yourself.



  • Computer faxing – The owner is a friend and can be trusted.  The service is reliable around the world, a feature I really count on.  I personally use it.
  • PAY PAL – Send or receive money online FOR FREE.  This service allows you to NOT HAVE TO USE credit cards and pay their huge fees each month.  Even though my company ALSO uses a credit card service for payment, anytime I can skip them and use PAY PAL I do.
  • AUTHORIZE.NET – This is NOT FREE however if you have intention to sell  product or services to the world, it is the service I use and have for years.  Check it out and see if it is right for you:


  • Spiritual Cinema Circle. I like movies with purpose and meaning, something beyond the ordinary.  I like to watch them at home.  Very few main stream movies peak my interest like these do.  Sign up for a trail period and see what I mean:
  • My favorite “Venetian Glass”  jewelry company is Marco Polo Designs.   I am considered a “collector”.  Once you start wearing this jewelry, you won’t want to  buy anything else.  If you don’t wear earrings, buy them for someone who does.  Order at “least” one piece and you will be delighted to own it:
  • Haute Coutue dress designer extraordinaire, master professor at the Art Institute in Portland, Oregon and long time friendCatherine Stepehnson:    Everyone needs a  special and beautiful piece of clothing sometime in their life.   Catherine can design and produce the most elegant pieces.   See her at
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