“The Corporate Mystic”

“The Corporate Mystic”

Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman wrote this book in the early 90’s and it is still my bible for business owners, executives or professional coaching clients who are seeking to end conflict and misunderstanding in their work place relationships. It builds the skills of integrity and the commitment to true wisdom in their daily work lives.

We begin our coaching relationship deepening the learning of what it means to be a “visionary with their feet on the ground”. Skip to part Three in the book and you will find the Integrity Worksheet which can be used to apply to any problem a person is having within the self or with others.

Once mastered, this integrity tool can stop all conflicts in about 10 min or better yet, stop them before they ever happen. This is a little hand book, 5×7″, you can fit it in any bag and  use it on the fly. I dare you to deepen your integrity in the world of work!


Wellness Assessment

Wellness Assessment


Busy professionals need vitality, stamina, and longevity.  Do you have it?  It is 100% possible for you to live feeling fully supported by your body everyday IF you are willing to give it what it needs.  Clients I coach are high performance people.  However many are suffering needlessly physically.  Our coaching includes EXTREME SELF CARE and helps you take back your health if you have lost it.

In 2016 my type A, all American performance style of working ran amuck with my body’s needs.  Doctor’s wanted to drug me, cut me or side line me with new-fangled diagnosis.  Instead, I outsmarted them and went the route of, “I WILL HEAL MYSELF” with a lifestyle 360 degree turn around.  I took a year off and reclaimed my health with Naturopathy, Homopathy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture AND a “JUICING FOR LIFE” program ala Jack Lalaine, Vita Mix Blender, and www.gundrymd.com life style switch.  It was hard and it was worth it.  I am so healthy now it is astonishing how much strength and energy I have, and I have lived a LONG time.  🙂  

I came back into the business success shoot smarter about my health, more vital and strong, and became even more successful in my business than I was as a Type A “All American who was sick and tired” almost every day.

So now, as a coach, I have experience and resources that will help you pull yourself up and back into High and Healthy performance so you can actually enjoy the ride and the results of success.


First, print out the survey, we are not yet “live”, you will need a pen and paper. Put a check mark by each item you do 99% of the time, every day of your life. The purpose of NOT checking unless you are at 99% is to trigger your awareness for complete honesty with YOURSELF about what you truly practice in life!

Being honest with yourself and making changes could save your life, improve the quality of your life, impact your children or spouses health enormously and be a guiding light for others. Once you get the hang of wellness, you can maintain it because you have seen the results WITHIN, the most important place in the world.

Making powerful life changes requires actual transformation of habits. It is wise to find support in your life to help you stay on track; to take consistent action until you have developed new, empowering habits. Of course, we are biased, but we believe in the power of coaching and the support structure it provides for making difficult life changes. You can follow up with one-to-one support coaching via telephone and email, spike@coachingworksinc.com!

Wellness Practices Assessment

1. I eat at least 2 cups of toxin free vegetables (or slightly cooked) daily. ____

Tip: Dr. Gundry recommends FEW fruits due to so much sugar and LOTS of vegetables a day to prevent all cancer, heart disease, any kind of chronic American Disease you can imagine.

2. I have eliminated all white, processed sugar from my diet, except for once-in-a-while occasions (if then).______

Tip: White sugar has all of the nutrients milled out of it. If you are going to eat sugar/fructose, make it as “close to the earth” as possible. For example: Honey, molasses, raw sugar, crushed up cane, or what I use now the most is “Just Like Sugar” available on Amazon.

3. I read labels and eat only ingredients that I understand, recognize or can pronounce. _____

Tip: Cockineal is a coloring agent used in foods and beverages such as pink grapefruit juice. It is made from crushed cockroaches! Know what you’re consuming!  RED DYE #4 causes horrible reactions, look for it.

4. I limit alcohol to social occasions and celebrations. ______

Tip: It is medically proven women do not have as MUCH of the enzyme in their stomach to digest alcohol. Alcohol in excess is detrimental to everyone and a sure “nummer”. However, women will suffer faster and have more health repercussions from alcohol than men. This information is based on a 15 year study.

5. I eat at least one piece of fruit a day ____

Tip: Fruit is like a broom because it is made of high fiber. If you put it into the body on an empty stomach, it will “sweep” right through and clean out debris. Eat it at the beginning of the day or in between meals when your stomach is empty.

6. My commitment to wellness includes sitting down, taking time to eat three times a day. ____

Tip: Remember to relax while you eat. Chewing each bite slowly (at least 20 chews) will begin your digestion and help you get the most nutrition for the bite!!! Plus, it is very peaceful to actually “sit” and eat. Grazing is not a healthy wellness habit.

7. I eat three meals a day. ____

Tip: Break the fast! This is what breakfast is. You have been fasting for possibly 10 hours. You have not had any food. To start your engine, your body needs some fruit first, grains and protein second and at least 30 minutes later. It is like gasoline in a car. A cup of coffee is not “breaking the fast”. A coke, a candy bar or white bagel is like eating 6 teaspoons of sugar for breakfast. Would you actually eat 6 tablespoons of sugar when you arise?

8. I eat two small snacks a day to keep blood sugar steady._____

Tip: A great snack between meals is fruit or unsalted, raw almonds or seeds of some kind. They are easy to carry and full of “balanced and close to the earth” nutrients. Fat you say? New studies show overeating of carbohydrates to be a bigger concern for health watchers than good natural fat intake. Eliminate fake food for these “real” food goodies.

9. I believe food supports the bodies vitality and immune system. _____

Tip: Extreme-Self-Care for YOURSELF will support you to be “powered-up” to fully interact with others, love others, have joy, vitality and happiness in your life. You can create what you desire. Do you desire to be healthy?

10. I have identified and eliminated all headaches, stomach aches, and other physical conditions related to life style and food choices. ________

Tip: For ten-days, “notice” anything about your body that does not feel good each day. Then see if you can trace it to food, sleep, lifestyle, and environment. Watch, notice, identify, eliminate. A high percentage of the population suffers from food allergies to embedded chemicals and industrialized food. Simple, plain, close to the earth food will cure most every allergy or at least minimize it greatly.

11. I eat only whole grain rice, whole pasta, whole breads, and whole cereals. ____

Tip: The closer to nature a food is, the more likely it is healthy for you. Processed foods are often so stripped of nutrients, the manufacturer has to add them back in artificially and the body cannot recognize or process these foreign substances.

12. I do not eat food from a tin can 95% of the time. ____

Tip: Our bodies love live enzymes as they stimulate our immune system and create strong healthy bodies. Anything in a can is “dead” and has been “in tin” maybe for months. Be sparing in using canned food. Try frozen first.

13. I am aware and completely committed to the truth that packaged food is often full of chemicals and chemicals are not food sources._____

Tip: In 1972 I discovered chemicals in food. I also discovered I was very allergic to them. They make me very ill. Many people are ill today because of chemicals in growing food and in packages, however they do not know that is the cause. For one week try eating nothing out of a can or box. Did you notice any difference?    Did you know the US has about 122 chemicals they put in food and Europe only allows 8. Would you like some chemicals for breakfast? Check and see if that is what you are eating.

14. Do you walk briskly at least 1 mile, three days a week, or do some other form of exercise three days a week, consistently. ____

Tip: Make exercise something you use to be in relationship with yourself. Walking is great exercise and much more natural than a machine in a gym. Smell the fresh air and make yourself hardier!!! Connect to the “feeling” of exercise. How do you “feel” when you move (walk), make that “feeling” your focus.

15. I sleep at least eight hours a night. ______

Tip: The New England Journal of Medicine recently had an article titled: “Lack of Sleep Will Make You Stupid”! Have you noticed how you feel dull, lethargic and even stupid when you don’t sleep. For every 15 minutes less than 7 hours of sleep each night,  you function at one IQ point lower for that day.

16. I feel alive and vital 6 out of 7 days in a week. ____

Tip: Rate on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the best, how vital you felt all day. The aforementioned 15 steps will lead you to your vitality. Interested?

17. My skin, bones, teeth and hair are in optimum health. ____

Tip: It is a truism that bones, teeth, hair and skin represent your wellness. They can even be tested to see how well you are. Check yourself out. On a scale of 1 – 10, ten being the best, how healthy are you in those areas?

18. I do not use street drugs at anytime, including marijuana. _____ I do not use prescription drugs. ______

Tip: In my life, it is amazing to me the people who stand for great lives and then abuse their bodies with drugs on the side.   Marijuana is also a nummer….what is its place in the world of wellness and vitality? Pain killer? Prescription drugs are probably more of an offender than street drugs of any kind. If you use anything regularly, notice how it really makes you feel and be aware. Anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs are being used for a quick solution to broken hearts, confusion, disappointment and lack of connection to self and love from others.

19. I ask questions directly and confidently to a Dr. if he wants to prescribe drugs for me, operate on me or otherwise do something to my body. ____

Tip: Your body belongs to you. You know it better than anyone, even the Doctor.  The Dr. has knowledge, however, he/she is just human. Where did he get his education, does he teach as well as practice medicine (teaching doctors  make better practicing doctors  most of the time), does he believe in wellness or just fixing disease and broken things? If you asked him/her to explain how the drug might interact with the rest of your life, what might he/she reply. You have every right to ask your Doctor questions. If they won’t answer you, fire them and go to a better communicator.  Or better yet, create your own health from scratch!! Your body is a magnificent creation and it can heal itself in so many cases. Save the Dr. for broken bones, emergencies, disease (and I believe you will never get one!!!!) Always think in the affirmative. You can create what you believe!!!!!

COACHING WORKS to improve wellness in executives, business owners and individuals. Wellness and vitality are essential to your success. Are you ready to start now?  Contact us at spike@coachingworksinc.com.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Business/Life coach!

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Business/Life coach!

#1 You get the help you need to define your role in your company, develop business clarity and establish long-term results.

#2 You will get help from a seasoned and leading edge coach who operates a successful business, who’s been where you are, who understands the language of being “at the helm” alone and pushing rocks uphill.

#3 Week after week you will get new thinking, perspective on current and urgent situations, help in making  the hard decisions necessary to lead your company into a new decade.

#4 You will discover new alternatives and opportunities currently available to business owners.

#5 Your frank and highly confidential discussions with someone like Kathleen will help you uncover what you really know, what your gut wants you to know, and together you decide how to act on this information so you get the right results.

#6. You will avoid mistakes, you will get stuck in anxiety less often, and you will communicate clearly and directly maybe for the first time in your professional career.  Kathleen’s 15 years in the business of coaching businesses and decision makers can be an enormous asset.

#7 You will look at everything from a new and broader perspective and have the confidence to make needed changes that will serve your bottom line.

#8 You will begin to think more creatively and learn how to ask for input from multiple sources.

#9 You will benefit from a network of resources I, as a coach, have developed over the years.  I will only lead you to resources I can honestly claim to know and believe you might benefit from.

#10 You will learn new techniques for problem solving as coaching is on the cutting edge of business thinking  and sustainable ideas and practices.

Are you serious about developing your life and your business in a way that optimizes your potential?

Yes! I want to set-up my FREE introductory appointment NOW.    Email:  spike@coachingworksinc.com!