Are you “willing” to learn and practice The Top 100 RELATIONSHIP HABITS for success!  The key word in relationship is “willing”!  Are you “willing” to learn, change and grow?  Are you “willing” to take responsibility for what you create?  Are you “willing” to create peace?  Are you “willing” to stop the conflict?  Are you “willing” to respect another humans path, process and needs WHILE you are “willingly” respecting your OWN path, process and needs?  Coaching definitely works to create peace, love, and happiness in ALL kinds of relationships.  “Willingness” is the doorway through.

Habit # 1 – Willingness – do you have it?  Can you find it in yourself to be willing to learn change and grow?

Habit #2 – Learn to raise your hand with others when you hurt, are frustrated, don’t understand.  Raise your hand with a fair question, a fair request, however please raise your hand.  People cannot KNOW what hurts you or what you need.  YOU need to know, then politely and confidently “raise you hand” and ask for time to review and renew.

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