Whether big or small, business owners get tunnel vision and cannot see the strategic steps that would help turn them around, build bigger gross receipts and profits, or simply get them out of the chute and into the right lane for success.  Olympic level business results happen when you have a business coach to bench mark your plans, your decisions, your results. Start by taking this simple assessment to see where you think you stand right now.

Mark the statement ONLY if it is 90% true for YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS

Please print out to take the survey, we are not fully automated yet.


1.  ___I know my company values and I apply them to every decision in my business.  I know my “personal” values and they are the foundation for how I lead and manage in my business. _____

2.  ___I have a clear short-term and long-term vision that pulls me toward financial results, fulfilling business practices and daily satisfaction with my business.

3.  ___I apply the principles of professional ethics and integrity to my business dealings on a regular basis.  I know what this means.

4.  ___I know my customer/client, what they want,   and I have designed my service or products to serve them 100%.

5.  ___I designed my business so it integrates with my life and my family.  They are supportive of each other 100%.

6.  ___I have all of my business financial’s, daily, weekly and monthly, under complete control.  Because they are organized and I understand them they are not draining my energy in any way. I am completely confident with them.

7.  ___I can pull up an immediate P/L, Balance Sheet or comparative year budget and the numbers are accurate.  I know my % of expenses to sales and I can see the % of increase or decrease in sales compared to last year, last month, or yesterday.

8.  ___I assess the financial health of my business weekly, and I include those close to me (including my spouse) in the status.

9.  ___I know exactly what it costs me to operate my business. I am realistic and make money work for me.

10.  ___I am cutting costs in every way to end the drain on my employees, my family, and me. I am frugal and smart with money. I make it work for me.

11.  ___I create an atmosphere of openness, straight forward simple truth and facing everything head up with those people who work for me.

12.  ___I am a good listener and hear what my employees are saying so I can address their deeper potential, ideas, concerns and desires to participate fully in this company.

13.  ___I respect my employees so much, and have such good communication skills,  that if we do not understand each other, we sit right down and work it out to both of our interests.

14.  ___I have a clear plan of action so my employees know what is expected of them and they can work on their own as much as possible and feel in charge of important responsibilities.

15.  ___I keep employees contributing at their highest potential by asking them how they would solve their own dilemma’s. I challenge them to come up with great answers and reward them for having the courage to participate with me at this win-win level.

16.  ___I am honest with employees or partners about what is possible to pay or not pay, and I share the wealth with them when possible.

17.  ___I am a consistent leader who is willing to listen to input from others, but I am usually the final decision-maker. My company is not a democracy.

18.  ___I am an incredible problem solver. I always stay in solution mode, possibilities and not going around in circles in problem mode.

19.  ___I never rage, blame, criticize or in any other way create human chaos deliberately in my business.

20.  ___All those working with me know my personal vision for myself in the company, their personal vision within the company, their own personal vision for themselves.

21.  ___Trust is the foundation of our working relationships, and if something needs to be said we get to it immediately.We know what integrity is and we practice it beginning with me the owner.

22.  ___I am on the cutting edge of everything important to grow my business and my people. I get help immediately on everything.  I don’t wait and sit in the stew or get stuck and stay stuck.

23.  ___I see people loaded with potential and deserving of opportunity; not as arms, legs and energy I want to take to serve my own needs.  I respect and enjoy my people who work in the company.

24.  ___I don’t believe it is possible to fail. Failure does not exist in my business. Mistakes, yes. Failure is success in action.

25.  ___I am a life-long learner and I am interested in every opportunity to expand my thinking and doing.

26.  ___I have a strategic plan on paper. It is so dog-eared from use I have to redo it often. I continue to refine it, as there is no right way to develop a strategic plan.

27.  ___I have a business plan I used to start the business and it is revised when necessary. I use it to continue creating goals.

28.  ___I respect myself and my business and this survey has brought to light what I need to change and what I need to learn.  I need Kathleen’s business coaching before I make any more decisions.  Yes _______

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