Kathleen has a bone-deep commitment to moving professionals through their conditioned barriers into exceptional self awareness and real-life, real-time practices that deeply benefit their life and their work. She serves as a catalyst for clarity of their life, their work purpose and their personal vision.   She focuses on teaching, coaching and building trustworthy communication practices between individuals, businesses and organizations. Her deep commitment to her clients unlocks her wisdom, her intuition and her insight as a Master Certified Personal and Professional coach.

Kathleen’s passion will always be to inspire people to find their inner courage, to engage in truthful interactions with others, to build right and reasonable relationships, and to encourage integrity based decision-making with themselves and others.  She is a devotee of  the Enneagram system, www.EnneagramInstitute.com,  which helps people bring out the best in themselves in life and at work.  She is a student of the greatest mystical leaders, and helps people extract and implement practices to master self- management of themselves with others. She challenges her clients to live in balance and from principled values and actions.  These skills free clients up to interact with their fellow humans willingly and with less conflict and stress.

This coaching process with clients is not psychological, but something magical and mysterious that happens when there is a committed coach/mentor, like Kathleen, on your team.  With permission, she taps deep into her client’s potential, their intention and desire to enhance their lives and to create the results they want.so her client can see movement and results in their life.    This partnership will be a powerful alliance based on trust and confidentiality between Kathleen and her client.

Through the gifts of Kathleen’s committed personal and professional life experiences and expertise, you will be challenged and supported to create a life you will be proud of and relationships and behaviors that bring value to your personal life and to the workplace.  She plays full out on your work and personal team and will dare you to meet yourself and your beliefs head-on.  This is her passion, her mission, and her commitment to you.  And she lives life the same way…seeking clarity, practicing self-mastery, and breaking through all human barriers.

Clarity of Vision = New Skills = Commitment = Personal Evolution = Live and work with confidence = Manifest and see Results

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