In fact, there are some people I hope never find out about it. This approach to success is not for amateurs – It’s custom-designed especially for people dedicated to taking charge and achieving success in business and life.

So I’m telling you now – do not even think about hiring me as your coach unless:
1. You are serious about producing BIG results as quickly as possible . . .

2. You are willing to throw yourself into a smart plan of attack to aggressively increase profits and squeeze all the juice out of life that’s possible . . .

3. You are super results oriented and want to experience the fastest gains possible for a human being, while still enjoying a healthy, well-balanced, FUN life . . .

Are you still with me? Good. I am extremely proud of what my clients have accomplished. During my ten-years of coaching It’s always been my bottom line to deliver integrity and honest value to my clients – more than any other coach, consultant, product or seminar available.

Best of all, the results you can see are truly fast.

And hey, remember John Barker, that client who had enough drive and commitment to succeeding that he insisted on spending one-sixth of his income to hire me as his coach?
Here’s what happened to him . . .

“As you know, I was really terrified to follow my dream and take off on my adventure trip to Mexico. Thanks for helping me get past my fears – it’s still one my favorite memories.”

“I was even more terrified to quit my job and start building my own business. Now I work part-time, at home with my daughters and my income should top six-figures this year. And the best part is I have the exact business I wanted even though nobody believed (except you and me) it was actually possible to make that kind of money with no clients, no inventory, and no orders or returns to process – ever!”

“And, oh yeah! Meeting my wife, moving to “The Most Beautiful Place in America” and having two beautiful daughters has been pretty cool too!”

“Thanks for your support, advice, direction and ‘can-do anything’ attitude Kathleen! I’m very happy with my results.”

Pretty impressive for a guy who literally started with nothing. It gets better – listen to what these other clients have to say about coaching:

– “When I came to you I was very unhappy with my job and wanted to make a change. I am no longer looking for a different job. My contentment, confidence, “posture” and new communication skills in approaching my work duties have produced benefits both in working relationships and in pay. At my first performance review after our coaching (began), I received a 26% increase in pay! I have had this job for 5 years and my previous raises were around 5% each. ”

– “Thank You. I appreciate all you do. For helping me in so many meaningful ways–for sharing with me the gift of your wisdom and guidance, for encouraging me to grow, and for making a real difference in my life!

– “Thanks so much for being such an incredible coach. Every so often I have been feeling frozen in fright as I get intuitive hits as to how big a thing I am creating. I then take a deep breath and tell myself all will be revealed to me as I need it and I have you as my coach! Thank you.”

– “Just wanted you to know what a wonderful presentation you made on Wed. You are a shining star in our world of coaching. You represent the field with such professionalism, warmth and grace! I especially liked your, “create it, evaluate it, and expand it”. Powerful words leading to action.”

Are these people any different than you? I don’t think so. They’re just hard-working professionals who are so ecstatic by the results they’ve experienced that they’ve stayed with me for years.

It’s Perfectly Understandable That You’re a Little Skeptical

But let me tell you a little more about coaching. If you haven’t already spent thousands of dollars on audio programs, higher education, consultants, weekend seminars or weeklong retreats then you probably should so you will know why they fail most people.

Go ahead and use them and see the actual results they produce. You shouldn’t take my word for it, but instead know that most of them do little more than produce a temporary sense of hope.

Many of these programs and approaches don’t work and that’s why a week after you buy the program that was supposed to be the answer to all your problems, then they start trying to sell you the next program that will solve the problems the first program didn’t.

It isn’t that the programs don’t have value. They do. There’s a missing element in them, however. Support. Staying on track and moving forward when you feel stuck, lost, frustrated or overwhelmed requires the objective support of someone dedicated to seeing you win.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

Well, I’ll tell you it doesn’t cost anywhere near what as much as it should, considering the immense amount of time, energy and extreme attention I give my clients. If I kept my services only available to the richest professionals (which I’ve considered), I could charge most anything I wanted. My clients get results, and the rich and successful will pay anything for results.

You can’t find this kind of experience and support in any product or workshop. Nor can you find anything even remotely similar, anywhere. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity customized to you.

But one thing I am not, is greedy. This is not a mega-big operation I’m running. My office is in my home – there’s no waste, fluff, or unnecessary overhead to run up costs on you.

I didn’t become a coach just to take your money! I became a coach because . . .

People Needed Coaching!

And they need it now more than ever. Success-oriented people are busy and they need big support more than any other group of people on the planet.

It just happens that the most successful people need the support of other successful people to continue growing and achieving bigger results.

I’m telling you this because, even though this is without question the most important investment many people will ever commit to making in them self, my profit is nevertheless very small. I don’t need a lot, because I’ve already taken care of my financial demands. Other coaches do charge outrageous figures for their services and I’m not here to judge them – I’m here to deliver to you the best value available at any price. I don’t care that I could charge more.

So, do you want results? Good. If I didn’t believe deep down in my heart that you would want to achieve maximum results, I wouldn’t
have bothered writing to you.

One More Thing – It’s Important!

I’m just one person and I’m going to retire one day! Because I put so much time, energy and personal attention into each one of my clients I can only help a limited number of people at a time. And because almost all of my clients stay with me for years, it’s rare that I have openings for new clients. Right now, I have a limited number of openings available to be filled on a first-come, first-served basis to only the most results-oriented professionals.

The cost per month is $400 (after initial start-up power meeting) with a minimum three-month commitment. You can email me directly, anytime, at You can email me today – and I will answer if I’m not with a client. Or, if you prefer you can simply fill in your name and email address and I will send you my workbook titled “True North: Living Life by Your Values” I will give that to you at no charge, even though I sell it elsewhere for $37.


Limited Time Offer
True North: Navigating Life by Your Values
a $37 value

Your First Name

Your Email Address

information will never be shared or sold.

Your privacy is assured and there is never any obligation.

Please don’t put this off. You can see by what others are saying this is truly and honestly the real thing. If you’re as serious about results as I am, then you’re going to want to get started as soon as possible – you’ll start seeing results almost immediately . . . after our first couple of meetings – or calls. If you prefer to work with me by phone we’ll do that. I have clients all over the country.

If you’re working as hard as I think you are, the results you see will astonish you. Coaching works. So contact me today.

I honestly hope to hear from you today. 

Warm regards,

Spike, Master Certified Coach


PS – One more thing – it’s important. Because my time is limited I will only accept 3 new clients this month. Even though I limit the number of clients I work with sometimes I can get swamped with new client inquiries – so I urge you to contact me NOW and avoid any delay in getting started.



Stay in touch with me. Leave your name and email address and I will have my assistant send you a copy of “True North: Living Life by Your Values” I will give that to you at no charge. It sells elsewhere for $37.


Limited Time Offer

True North: Navigating Life by Your Values – a $37 value

Your First Name

Your Email Address

Your information will never be shared or sold.
Your privacy is assured and there is never any obligation.

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