“The Corporate Mystic”

“The Corporate Mystic”

Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman wrote this book in the early 90’s and it is still my bible for business owners, executives or professional coaching clients who are seeking to end conflict and misunderstanding in their work place relationships. It builds the skills of integrity and the commitment to true wisdom in their daily work lives.

We begin our coaching relationship deepening the learning of what it means to be a “visionary with their feet on the ground”. Skip to part Three in the book and you will find the Integrity Worksheet which can be used to apply to any problem a person is having within the self or with others.

Once mastered, this integrity tool can stop all conflicts in about 10 min or better yet, stop them before they ever happen. This is a little hand book, 5×7″, you can fit it in any bag and  use it on the fly. I dare you to deepen your integrity in the world of work!




Do you know what derails you at work?

Do you focus on your strengths and simply surround your weaknesses with support and help so they don’t derail you?

Are you a boss, a mediator, a helper, an individualist or a performer?

Find out what you Enneagram Type is.

It will be one of nine numbers found on the circle of life in the Enneagram.  Take your test and figure it out at www.enneagraminstitute.com.

Take the full RHETI ($10) and see what number it says you default into, what your stress number is and what your security number is.

If you need help figuring it out, call for a coaching session, we can probably do it in two to three meetings.  Then, use it to figure out how you can bring more of your strengths into the work place, be happier, be more compassionate to others you work with.

Learn to start responding vs reacting into the lower behaviors of your number.  “How to Use the Enneagram System for Success” by Giner Lapid-Bogda, PH.D. is a fantastic book to help you help yourself out of work related boon dongles.