Skill 3 of 100:

A leader shows respect for others  and does not belittle them, ever.  Trust of a leader  builds upon that leader showing interest in their people’s  person hood, their opinions, and talents.   This is practiced regardless of the leader’s position,  status, or their own beliefs.

Skill 4 of 100:

“Nowadays everybody wants to become a leader.  No one wants to become a servant.  In reality, the world is badly in need of servants, not leaders.  A real servant is a REAL LEADER.  A REAL LEADER is one who really serves the people without ego and egocentric desires.  Real greatness lies in humility and simplicity,”  Amma

As I ponder this quote, I challenge you simply to access more love in your heart and gut for your people, serve them with love for they are in pain, fear, ego, anger, courage, capability and wholeness.  Both/and.  And so are you.  Imagine what we could all create if lived and served with generosity of spirit and resources.  No one needs to “have it all!”  What do you think on this skill?  Just “see” where you might more fully serve your employees.


Do You Have Confidence In Your Skills To Communicate

How do you listen?

Do you listen to others to learn about them, to learn what they are saying, feeling and needing OR do you listen to talk, to tell your story, to tell your complaint, to tell your own thoughts?  Most everyone listens to talk next.  We are all guilty here.

Communication Confidence builds on the premise that we first “listen to learn, to have compassion, to know the other person” and it also builds on the premise that through coaching you are already practicing listening to your inner self, and are assured that you are self caring and self aware and have little need to over power anyone again with your talking to talk.

How would you like to have more peace about how you communicate?  How would you like to listen with both your heart and your head?  Would you like to learn how to stop taking everything personally when other “talk”.  YOU CAN learn to communicate with peaceful, powerful, emotionally intelligent confidence.  You can learn this here.  We are developing a new coaching service for “just-in-time” communication coaching.  It will start with email coaching and go wherever it needs to go to empower the client with the language they need to live successfully with people at work and at home.